Kristine esthetique

Image consultant

styling, so you can stand out

How I can help you:

Who am I

Kristine,  Image Consultant based in Vienna.

I love styling and will make your life easier and more fun

 what I do

I help you to find your individual style.

The style which suits not only your features, but your character and you lifestyle as well.

how I do it

Step by step.

We  start with a short style questionnaire to determine your goals and needs and then we decide on the services needed.

what my clients say:

Anastasia s.

art director

@tate agency

I always hated shopping, but also desperately needed an updated spring wardrobe so I gave it another chance, this time using help of a stylist.


Kristina found the whole wardrobe within 2 h only, and I dint even have to wait for her to pick up most of the pieces, as she had them organised beforehand.


She redefined my style DNA and created style capsules for all occasions and brought me this great feeling of stylish and chic young woman. 


Can’t wait to renew my fall wardrobe.

daria m.

financial analyst

Wardrobe check with Kristina was a very exciting and well-organized process that made my life much easier and helped me make the most out of my clothes and looks.


She takes time to explain every step and its importance, give examples, makes sure you feel comfortable and enjoy the process.


Kristina was able to answer all of my questions, she helped me find necessary items and gave useful advice and tips in the most friendly and professional way.


Kristina made my wardrobe work for me in the way that I didn’t know it could, I use the advice she gave me every day when I pick my outfits or shop, I generally understand my style and my unique features much better now!

Tetyana s.

cfo assistant

My working wardrobe was always a problem for me, each day I am meeting a lot of people from different enterprises and need to look perfect and feel confident.


Kristina helped me out by solving all the issues I had with wardrobe, despite the strict dress code I have at work.


Furthermore, during our work we acknowledged that I had the same problem which probably most of the women around the world have -  an overfilled closet with a lot of clothing which are not compatible to each other. She showed me methods to achieve good clothing combinations even with having only several sets of clothing available. 


Important thing to say was how Kristina showed to me that clothes I didn't want to buy previously because I thought they do not suit to me actually suit me very well and present me in a fresh new look. 


There are a lot of styling consultants out there which I reviewed before I chose Kristina and I will never regret my decision.I hope my review will help others make the right choice which will lead to spending very pleasant time with a very nice person and by the way change your whole wardrobe completely.

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